New Minas: Town or Village?

A web of dependencies

The economy of Kings County is a complex web of inter-dependencies. Many of the people who come to New Minas and Kentville to spend money, live in the County. Not in the Village or Town. They pay property taxes indirectly through their purchases. It is not unreasonable that some of this money flow back into the County communities where they come from.

No silos

If the tax revenue from New Minas is not available to the County, it will have to come from Coldbrook, Kingston, Port Williams. Will it be sufficient? If the County is weakened from losing New Minas, who will run the County? Will New Minas and Kentville prosper if they are surrounded by disorganization and economic depression?

A hit for the team

Basically, someone has to take a hit for the team. New Minas benefits indirectly in many ways from the tax dollars that it returns to the County.

Bright future

There are new people at the helm, with positive outlooks unencumbered by past feuds. There are initiatives underway between the four municipalities to increase collaboration, look for ways to save money, and improve economic development and coordination. Let's give them a chance.

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